Our work at Lamia del Riccio, a charming country house situated in the countryside of Ostuni (BR), focused on the supply of furniture and decorations. The interior and outdoor spaces have been designed by notorious Italian designer Gian Paolo Guerra (Studio Guerra sas). Working closely with such high-calibre designer has been a very stimulating and formative experience since, through the use of our pieces, we had to create spaces that had to facilitate the blending of two different worlds such as modern design and antiques. The result, as witnessed by the pictures, is a perfect union of elegance, sobriety and respect of the local tradition. Among our pieces are: country dressers, antique riggiole tiles, stools, tables, wall-art pieces by J. Aguiar, benches, vintage scales, consoles, hangers, ladders, cabinets, blanket chests and terracotta pieces.