Medical Captain 51st Infantry

Medical Captain 51st Infantry


Rare fir wood military chest dating back to the early 1900. The brass label on the top part of the chest tells us the piece belonged to medical captain Sir Tommaso Lanza. He was moved from the hospital of Turin to the 51st infantry on the 8th of November 1906.

The 51st infantry regiment, also known as “Brigades of the Alps”, was founded on the 14th of May 1860 and had a crucial role during the 1st World War. They operated mostly in the Marmolada area and in France where they were in charge to defend Northern Italian territories. The regiment could also count on 5 nephews of the great general Giuseppe Garibaldi. The 51 infantry regiment also took part in military operations in Libya during the Italian colonialism in Africa. The regiment was dissolved in Yugoslavia after an armistice signed in September 1943.

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Dimensions Cm (l × w × h) 67 x 67 x 70