Sculptural Wooden Mortars

Sculptural Wooden Mortars

A beautiful collection of six mortars made of chestnut and carved out of single pieces of wood. Rustic and heavy with weathered original patina. The four biggest ones come with a stone pestle. Salvaged in Southern Italy, XVIII to XIX century.

Prices and dimensions here below ( from left to right, top to bottom in the main picture).

1) H 17 x D 23 cm. EURO 220

2) H 26 x D 19 cm. EURO 220

3) H 20 x D 18 cm. EURO 180

4) H 10 x D 14 cm. EURO 65

5) H 15 x L 34 cm (with handle). EURO 220

6) Smaller mortar with handle. H 10 x L 25 cm. EURO 95