The Fall of Sardis Series IV

The Fall of Sardis Series IV

These works are intended to highlight the process of time, where time is made visible. They draw inspiration from the story of Sardis.

The city of Sardis is mentioned in classical antiquity. A widely regarded impenetrable city due to its cliff top position a top of Mt Tmolus. Over the centuries cracks started to form at the base of the city. The cracks eventually became gaps, wide enough for the enemy to infiltrate without anyone knowing they were at risk. The city was unaware and became complacent. Eventually the city fell.

The City of Sardis can be likened to most of us, we get so busy with life and tossed around with all of the expectations and issues of life or possibly so confident of our own abilities that we become unaware of our own spiritual need. We go on in life as though we have no need to deal with the foundation of our lives not realising that tiny cracks are starting to form.

Consider your thinking, your standing. This series challenges us to find a state of watchfulness over areas in our lives that may have deteriorated. It poses relevant questions for ourselves as individuals and society as a whole.

Originally from London, Jared is an Italian based artist. Proudly self-taught and following a prominent career as a creative director which ultimately focused on achieving visual perfection, his art draws on the
very opposite, celebrating not the flawlessness, but the flaw. It demonstrates a visceral rawness that nonetheless retains a haunting beauty through its composition. His work is boldly expressive. Texture and the use of unassuming mediums are played with in a refreshing way. Layering mediums at first appear aggressive, but subtly so. Jared’s recent works are inspired by his love of renaissance Italian architecture and the aging Palazzos of Milan and Florence. Peeling, cracked walls offer a refined rawness. Hidden layers are revealed with striking elegance. Applying various mediums to create age and texture, there is
something alluring about the passage of time made visible. Jared’s art works evoke a feeling, a feeling he lets you stumble upon as you are guided on a journey.

The Fall of Sardis Series. Jared Green, 2021

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Dimensions Cm (l × w × h) 34 x 4 x 95